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About Mark

Mark has many years of training and experience and is qualified to teach soccer skills along with a wide range of other sports including:

• a variety of ball skills, eg. netball, basketball, volleyball etc.
• tennis
• cricket
• hockey
• ultimate frisbee

Mark is able to spot talented children; so in order that they can achieve their full potential, he liaises with and is able to recommend other clubs and organizations the children can go on to who nurture and increase their skills and take their sports to a higher level.


Another school term is well underway at St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School and we once again are pleased to welcome Mark Wickett Soccer School back for excellent curriculum provision and after school coaching.
Visitor post on Mark Wickett Soccer School FaceBook page 20/9/2015
Milton Abbot Primary School
Sports Coach: Mr Wickett
Mark Wickett has been a member of our school team for a number of years, leading PE lessons alongside teachers and support staff along with providing afterschool and holiday clubs for the children.
Mr Wickett’s sessions help children to learn about the importance of keeping fit and healthy along with developing the fundamental skills for life. He ensures the children are supported and provided with 1:1 guidance, if required, throughout his sessions. He also encourages and challenges the more able children to become team leaders, by providing them with opportunities to teach others a skill they are good at. Mr Wickett delivers a range of sports and skills. His sessions are pitched just right, whether it is to our very youngest three year old’s or the 11 year old children. He has high expectations of behaviour and performance, which reflects on children’s learning in the classroom. The children are always excited and look forward to their P.E sessions with Mr Wickett. His outstanding provision ensures exceptional learning and skills for life whilst having fun!
Mr Wickett has a very busy schedule, working in many local schools and helping the community during evenings, weekends and school holidays. We feel so lucky to have him in our school, all day on Thursday’s along with being able to offer an afterschool club for KS2 on a Wednesday and KS1 on a Thursday. Mr Wickett’s holiday club is also very popular with the children at Milton Abbot. This year we are incredibly grateful to Mr Wickett for providing us with an extra morning, every Tuesday, to support our Early Years children and Year 6 Playground Leaders! Thank you Mr Wickett!
(Copied from the school blog)

Tavistock Community Primary School has employed Mark Wickett for a year now; working alongside teachers during their PE lessons. This has helped both the children and the teachers to develop: The staff learn engaging techniques for delivering the new PE Curriculum; The pupils learn the fundamental movement skills that enable them to play sports and, crucially, how to employ these skills in game situations. Although he started off as a football coach, we use him to deliver a range of sports in conjunction with the essential movement skills. Ultimate Frisbee has been a great hit with the Year 6’s this term!
Mark is able to pitch the delivery perfectly, whether it is to Nursery children or Year 6’s and he has very high expectation of behaviour and performance. This high quality provision ensures high quality learning, which the children and the staff both enjoy and value.

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